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What is Ngky? (Astragalus Powder)

Ng Khee
What is it? (Astragalus Powder)

Ng Khee or Huang Qi (Astragalus) Is One kind of Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years. In general, the roots are used as herbal medicine. It is used in many symptoms. such as Have a cold allergy Ache etc.

Ng Khee Is an annual herbaceous plant Often found on hills or forests. Or the sand on the river bank

And grassland Ng Ke is a native plant of China. And the northeast region of China such as Mongolia Shanxi And Heilongjiang Ng Ngiei is fragrant and has a slightly sweet taste. By having to cut the hollow parts and roots Then dried in the sun So can be used

The benefits of Ng Khky.

In the beginning Ungkee has properties to nourish the heart. Nourish the blood And enhance immunity Therefore can be used to relieve fatigue Suitable for use as a tonic in the elderly. And the weak Because it stimulates the flow of water in the body And lower blood pressure It is also used for immunity to the liver. Against bacteria and viruses Some cases Ng Ke is also used in medicine to treat breast cancer. Cervical cancer Lung cancer Too Or combined Ngee together with other herbs as a formulation orally Sometimes it is applied to the skin to increase blood flow in areas that need to accelerate the healing speed.

How does Ngky work?

Currently seen Ng Ke will be extracted important substances out. Or processed into a powdered form (Astragalus Powder) To be used in other industries and for convenience Suitable for consumption. Found that In the roots of Ung Kee it consists of various important substances. such as Choline (Choline), Flavonoid (Flavanoids), Amino acids (Amino acids), Neurotransmitter (GABA), Oils etc. And these important substances Working together Resulting in the relief of abnormal symptoms of the body. such as Stimulates the work of the immune system in the body Helps in the work of the adrenal glands. Digestive system And metabolic systems Ng Ke therefore is often used to relieve fatigue. Exhaustion And increase power Add strength to the body

Contraindications and precautions for use Ng

Ng Ngiei's side effects have not been clear. But in the actual use Must control the amount of food to suit the sex. Aged Including symptoms And should not be eaten for too long Be careful when using with pregnant women and lactating women. Because there is still little evidence of side effects to this group of people As well as those who are already taking other drugs such as Patients who need to take immunosuppressants Patients with autoimmune diseases such as SLE If extracting Nguyi extract is used Should consult a doctor first


Ng Khee It is considered as an herb that is another option for those who want to turn to herbal and natural treatment plans. Although reports of side effects are still small. But since Ng Khee, who has processed into powder Is taken as a component of many drugs and dietary supplements

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