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What is black cohosh extract? (Black Cohosh Extract)

Black cohosh extract
What is it? (Black Cohosh Extract)

If talking about Black cohosh (Black Cohosh) already Thais may not know this type of herb. Because most Black cohosh will be used as a mixture of medicines and dietary supplements in Europe. Actually This black cohosh Considered as one of the herbs that are useful. In which the black cohosh is often extracted for use as rhizomes or roots.

What can Black Cohosh help?

Most of the time Black cohosh is often found in drugs or supplements that help with female hormones. Is often used for women before menopause or after menopause So the hormones are balanced And reduce the symptoms that may occur during menopause That is Hot flushes there Also sometimes Can also be used to reduce menstrual pain. Or even relieve various symptoms before menstruation such as Headache Easily irritated etc.

Black cohosh Is an herb to treat various illnesses such as Malaria Rheumatism or rheumatoid It also helps in relieving anxiety. Relax And can not sleep as well Because the principle of substance contained in black cohosh that affects the nervous system itself

How does black cohosh have these benefits?

Because Black Cohosh contains many important substances. Such asTriterpenoid Glycosides In which the active ingredient Affects the female sex hormones itself. Because the active ingredient is similar to female hormones And various substances in black cohosh Also affects the immune system as well Therefore helps to resist disease and reduce inflammation And some substances are similar to neurotransmitters in the brain Serotonin (Serotonin) For this reason Black cohosh is therefore helpful in relieving anxiety. Relax Makes you sleep well there

Caution of Black Cohosh

The side effects caused by black cohosh herbs are relatively rare. such as Stomach ache Headache however Should not be used in pregnant women Because this black cohosh is involved in the female hormone. so If the hormones are too much May cause abnormal pregnancy And may have an abortion


Black cohosh can be considered as an alternative herb that can enhance the female sex hormones quite well. It also helps in other matters as well. But if used Should study well before use. To reduce the rate of side effects And can use black cohosh effectively Also If using black cohosh regarding menstruation Should always consult a doctor first For the doctors to consider the suitability

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