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What is black pepper extract? (Black Pepper Extract)

What is black pepper extract?
(Black Pepper Extract)

pepper (Pepper) Is one of the famous and popular herbs in Thailand for a long time. And can be found in many foods due to the taste and ease of eating pepper. With pepper Classified as a medicinal plant that has a hot flavor When eating, it will feel spicy with the taste of pepper itself. The pepper that is often used in cooking Including being used as an ingredient in medicine since ancient times Is Pepper seeds Which we will divide into Black pepper (Black Pepper) Which is a pepper seed that still has the peel And white pepper (White Pepper) By here We will talk about Black pepper there

Benefits of black pepper

Black pepper is useful in the treatment of many diseases. such as Gastritis intestine Pain Anti-inflammatory In the form of Thai medicine Will use black pepper to make herbs to cure colic Tightly inflated from indigestion Since the black pepper has a hot medicinal flavor Therefore has an effect on helping to distribute various air in the body and help expel the air Colic or distension will subside. Not only in the past that black pepper was used in the digestive system Nowadays There are still people who bring black pepper to alleviate this condition. It is considered that Thai wisdom that has been passed down from there. Including someone using black pepper to extract To get important substances that are more concentrated And this important substance is widely used in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

What can black pepper extract help?

In addition to the main benefits of black pepper, which helps with the digestive system. The researchers found that Black pepper Has properties to help reduce obesity as well Due to black pepper Contains the active ingredient of Sarapiperine. (piperine) Which has a spicy flavor Helps to control the formation of new fat cells to be reduced. Not only Also destroy old fat cells that accumulate in the body Resulting in weight loss

And besides Black pepper extract Also helps to make the digestive system more effective As both the black pepper itself and the important substance are hot Causes the body to burn a lot of energy When there is more energy metabolism and balance Therefore does not cause the accumulation of fat in the body That makes it said that Black pepper extract helps with weight loss and obesity.

Things to be aware of when using black pepper extract

At present, found that There are very few side effects that occur with the use of black pepper or black pepper extract. And almost never experience side effects But side effects may occur for people who consume excessive amounts of black pepper extract and eat for too long. Because it may affect various systems in the body so If choosing to use black pepper extract Should control the intake and use correctly as well


Black pepper is still considered an herb that has many benefits. And can also be processed in many ways In which the easiest way is to be assembled into food Therefore easy to eat Corresponding to the sentence that the olden days saidEat as medicineBecause aside from being delicious and filling your stomach Also brings many benefits as well

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