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What is Bromillin? (Bromelain Powder)

What is Bromillin?
(Bromelain Powder)

If talking about Bromelen (Bromelain) already May not be very familiar with this word But if changing to pineapple Will definitely familiarize each other with ears Which this bromillin is Enzymes found in pineapples Whether pineapple juice Pineapple core Including pineapple shoots This enzyme can be found and extracted from all pineapples. In most cases Will extract this enzyme to be used as a component in general food supplements The bromelain enzyme is an enzyme that helps digest proteins. Most dietary supplements that contain bromelain are a type that helps with the digestive system.

Bromelain benefits

Bromelain is extracted for use in many pharmaceutical industries. Due to the wide range of benefits The main thing that is clearly seen is Used to help with indigestion. so If having colic Frequent distension Can eat supplements that contain bromelain as an ingredient In addition Bromelain can also be used to reduce inflammation. Including pain in various joints It also helps prevent the binding of platelets and against blood clotting. It also helps to increase the efficiency of bringing drugs and nutrients into various cells in the body as well.

Which, by the combined principles of the action of Bromelain Bromelain contains substances that are effective in enhancing the immune system's ability to be anti-inflammatory. Including Resulting in slowing the clotting of blood clots by itself.

Cautions of Bromelain

The side effects that occur from bromelain At present, it is still very rare. May have in some cases with stomach pain Diarrhea have But not often found The groups that should be careful and should be avoided from bromelain are Pregnant women and lactating women As there is quite little research evidence on the use of bromelain with these groups. Should be avoided so as not to cause danger


Famous for pineapples Thai people, we probably know how useful pineapples are. therefore The enzymes obtained from pineapples also have various benefits. If we choose to use bromillin in the right way and suitable for the symptoms that are already Bromelain will be highly effective.
And can help alleviate the condition we are in

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