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What is the extract of Cascara Sagrada?

What is the extract of Cascara Sagrada?

Cascara Sagrada Or another name in Latin Rhamnus purshiana May be herbs that Thai people have never heard before. And not much is known But in Europe This herb is popularly used as an ingredient in dietary supplements that help with constipation and as a laxative.

General characteristics of the tree Cascara Sagrada Will be a medium-sized perennial plant The bark is reddish brown. The leaves are dense at the ends of branches. Young shoots are covered with feathers. Behind the leaves are dark green. The belly is hairy. Small, green flowers combined into a bouquet. The result is red and will gradually turn black.

Can bring Cascara Sagrada How can it be used?

That is often used as an ingredient in supplements. Will be the bark of the tree Bring to dry first. Then gradually transformed into the next order By medicinal properties Always take Cascara Sagrada Used as a laxative for people who have difficulty taking. constipation etc.

Cascara Sagrada How to help with constipation.

Cascara Sagrada There are important substances that are compounds. anthracene are 2 type IncludeEmodin That is O-glycosides andBarbaloin Which is C-glycosides These important substances PowerfulTonic Laxative Therefore suitable for people with regular constipation because Cascara Sagrada Helps increase compression of the distal bowel When the bowel has more compression Resulting in easier excretion

Caution of Cascara Sagrada

however Reputed to be a laxative It is necessary to control the amount of medication taken as an ingredient in dietary supplements. Because if used in excessive amounts May result in bowel contraction more than usual And if used continuously for a long time Will result in more vent than should May cause dehydration in the body And in some cases can cause nausea

Research There are experiments and hypotheses about the side effects of using Cascara Sagrada That affects the inflammation of the liver Therefore more caution To prevent eating for a long time Should be avoided for use in pregnant women. Women after childbirth Lactating women And people with intestinal disorders


Cascara Sagrada With the research results that The dried bark of the tree affects the intestinal peristalsis for better drainage. However leadership Cascara Sagrada Used. There are many precautions regarding quantity control Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist before choosing supplements. Including studying the contraindications Caution of food supplements well before use. In order to achieve good performance and safe use of dietary supplements containing Cascara Sagrada

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