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What is chamomile extract? (Chamomile Extract)

What is chamomile extract?
(Chamomile Extract)

When talking about chamomile (Chamomile) already Many people immediately imagine that What are the characteristics of trees and flowers? Because chamomile is considered a plant that can be easily found The shape of the flowers will look similar to marigolds. Since they are in the same group of plants Most of which Will use the flowers in various industries such as drug cosmetics Or even food as well

Benefits of Chamomile

Although chamomile is small But the benefits of chamomile flowers are numerous. Which some of us may never know before Many people may have seen Chamomile tea (Chamomile Tea) Which is popular in eating to help with sleep. Makes sleep more effective and sleeps more deeply Which is considered one of the benefits of chamomile itself

But actually Chamomile is also useful in many other areas. such as Helps reduce inflammation Worry Calming the body and mind And has the effect of anti-contraction of the muscles In total All of these benefits arise from the principles of the substance in chamomile itself.

Mechanism of chamomile that brings various benefits.

Because in Chamomile contains substances such as flavonoids (flavonoids) Kumarin (coumarins) And various essential oils Also found phenolic acid and GABA substances (GABA) Too In which these substances are in the chamomile Will work together Resulting in various neurological issues If used for eating Will cause peace Worry Therefore helps to sleep well

In addition Many people still use chamomile for cosmetic and external use. Because chamomile is beneficial in terms of reducing inflammation as well. Because the substance in the chamomile flowers have anti-inflammatory effects.

Precautions when using chamomile flowers

Side effects of the use of chamomile extracts are still rare. May occur in some people who are allergic to chamomile or plants of the same family as chamomile. But found only a small part Common symptoms such as Cough sneeze Runny nose Which the symptoms are similar to general allergies Before using, be sure to not allergic to chamomile flowers. In order not to cause side effects


Chamomile can be considered a flowering plant with many benefits. Can be used in many symptoms And has quite a good effectiveness so If any of the above symptoms appear Chamomile extract is considered an alternative that can be used to safely relieve various symptoms.

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