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What is dandelion root? (Dandelion Root)

What is dandelion root?
(Dandelion root)

Dandelion (Dandelion) Is a small medicinal plant With trunks above the ground With yellow flowers Over time The yellow flowers become white thin bushes. When the wind blows These small, fluffy white flowers will blown away by the wind. Which blown by the wind is the propagation of the Dandelion. Some areas are planted for beauty. But many people may not know the benefits of Dandelion. With the roots of the tree used in treatment

Benefits of dandelion root

Most of the dandelion's medicinal properties are at the root. In europe The roots of the dandelion are often dried and ground into a powder. Dandelion root is believed to help detoxify the liver and kidneys. Including helping to urinate as well as urinating In which the research Dandelion root has been studied to have properties against alcohol poisoning that affects the liver in animals. Found that The root of the dandelion is effective in protecting liver cells from alcohol poisoning. It also has antioxidant activity and reduces the occurrence of lipid reactions that affect fat accumulation in the liver. And also has an effect on weight loss as well

How does dandelion root affect weight loss?

Because the roots of the dandelion Has been accepted to have the effect of creating antioxidants And helps to detoxify both the liver and kidneys When the liver is detoxified The performance of the liver will also improve. Makes it able to stimulate more bile production and efficiency Bile helps the breakdown of fatty acids. And helps in digestion as well If the bile digestion is not working at full efficiency Fat will not break down well. Causes the accumulation of fat in the body But whenever bile has been stimulated to produce from the liver well Digestion and disintegration of fat will improve as well. Resulting in the accumulation of fat in the body less. Therefore has an effect on weight loss

Caution in the use of dandelion root

Because Dandelion has a diuretic effect as well. Therefore should be careful in patients with kidney disease. Because it may cause excessive urination And said that the dandelion is high in potassium Therefore not suitable in patients with kidney disease Because abnormal kidneys can filter the potassium from the body less Resulting in increased potassium in the body. Causing side effects followed such as tired squeamish etc. And should be careful when using with patients with heart disease Including pregnant women If you want to use Should consult a doctor first


Dandelion trees were not planted for beauty only. But the root of the Dandelion has many medicinal properties that many people may not know. There is also research supporting that Dandelion root is an antioxidant that can affect liver cells. Can be used But should be considered appropriate for the symptoms And the patient as well As well as being aware of precautions when using
For the safety of health

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