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What is the extract of Tang Gui? (Dong Quai Root Extract)

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What is it? (Dong Quai Root Extract)

Tang Gui (Dong Quai) Considered as a herb that is quite well-known through various media. such as Television advertisement Or even internet channels Because Kui Kui is quite popular as a mixture of both beverages and various dietary supplements. Which many people know that Tang Kui is a popular Chinese herb known in Chinese medicine formulas. In truth Tang Kui is a medicinal plant. That is according to our Thai drug formula calledCoconut grovethere

By using this Kui Tang Is similar to bringing Ginseng or Cordyceps Used Because most of the roots are often used to extract various substances Or sometimes, the Thai medicine recipe can bring the roots to boil together with other herbs as a medicine as well. With the taste of Tang Kui Will be sweet and sour Therefore not a very strong flavor Can be combined in many formulas of decoction

Benefits of Tang Kui

Most of the time Tangkui will be used as a natural alternative for women with hormonal disorders. Or women who have reached menopause Considered hormone replacement with the properties of Tang Kui. And found that Tangkui also affects menstruation. Which will use Tang Gui to adjust the menstrual cycle back to normal In some cases, it can also be used to reduce menstrual pain. Because found that Tang Kui has effect on stimulating contractions of the uterus. Some people use the extract from the roots of Tang Kui as an ingredient in the amniotic fluid. To help the uterus enter the garage faster

Tang Kui and nourishing the body

In addition, Tang Gui is useful for menstruation. And other conditions related to women Tang Kui also helps to nourish the body for the general public as well. It also helps in the matter of pain when the muscles. Can make these symptoms subside And various substances in the Kui Tang root Also helps to nourish the blood as well

Contraindications and precautions

Because Tang Kui has effect on stimulating the contraction of the uterus. Therefore should not be strongly against women who are pregnant Due to the risk of excessive uterine contractions And may also be at risk of miscarriage And for women who have a lot of periods Not needed If wanting to use the extract from Tang Kui root Need to consult a doctor pharmacist Or experts first every time In order to be safe to use

And in the case of women after childbirth wanting to use the amniotic fluid drive product that has a mixture of extracts from the Tang Gui root Should always consult a doctor first Since postpartum condition is a condition that should be monitored and closely monitored Should not buy amniotic fluid drive products to eat by yourself Because it may cause danger


Tang Kui Root Extract Considered as an extract known for hormones in the body. And also very useful to women If there are any abnormal symptoms of hormones or menstruation mentioned above Therefore can choose to use Tang Kui as an alternative However Should study the information carefully before every use
To maximize the benefits and the least danger in using

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