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What is Gaba? (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid or GABA)

What is it? (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid or GABA)

Gaba (GABA) Or the official full name is Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Considered a very familiar name And is quite common on both dietary supplement labels or even on television. But many people may still not know the details of this substance. What it truly is And what are the benefits?

That Classified as an unnecessary amino acid group (Non-essential amino acid) Mostly found at the tip of the germ and occurs in the state of germinating rice. With important functions on the nervous system Metabolic system The endocrine system and the hormonal stimulation effect that results in the growth of the body In truth Our bodies are able to create their own GABA from glutamic acid. Which is a type of amino acid

How important is Gaba?

Gaba Acts as a neurotransmitter (Neurotransmitter) In the central nervous system By acting as an inhibitor (Inhibitor) Kap will maintain balance in the brain that is stimulated. Which helps the brain to relax and improve sleep

What are the benefits of GABA?

Research shows that Gaba Helps to develop brain in terms of learning Remember And movement of children with cerebral palsy. Disease group Cerebral Palsy Well And because GABA has an effect on controlling the endocrine system Therefore has contributed to reducing the production of hormones in the group of Cushing's disease as well Because this syndrome has hormones called Glucocorticoid Or in short Cortisol Much more than normal people

In addition GABA also improves sleep quality. Helps to sleep more deeply Helps to relieve stress. Reduce anxiety Adjust the mood Reduce irritability and anger And helps to balance blood pressure as well.

GABA side effects

From the research Found that GABA is relatively safe And have not found any side effects when used in a period that is not too long Nevertheless Should be careful to use in groups that require special care such as Pregnant women and lactating women


Gaba Considered as a substance in most products Whether milk To various dietary supplements And is widely known In addition, research has found many benefits from Gaba. In the matter of neurotransmitters in the brain and various systems in the body And it is also relatively safe to use And for increased safety May consult a doctor or pharmacist before use Will greatly increase the efficiency of use Including can be used more accurately as well

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