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What is Garcinia Cambogia Extract? (Garciania Cambogia)

Garcinia extract
(Garcinia cambogia)

Garcinia or The scientific name Garcinia atroviridis Considered as an herb that Thai people use commonly. Whether the leaves The trunk Including the results Each section will give different properties. As for the Garcinia Will look like a small pumpkin Smooth green skin When he is old The result will turn yellow. About the size of one hand The fruit is a groove along the terminal to the end. Hard texture Tart
What can Garcinia do??

Garcinia is sour. Thai people therefore like to cook it in food. such as Sour curry Kaeng Liang etc. Which the sour taste Has direct properties on stomach drainage Therefore not surprising that people in the past Garcinia is used to cook to help with the drainage of the stomach. As a result, until now, people have extracted Garcinia to make as a dietary supplement for weight loss. And reduce appetite

How can Garcinia lose weight?

Garcinia There is an important substance called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) Which has the ability to inhibit enzymes in the lipid generation process And also other acids as well By the mechanism of action of HCA Will inhibit the activity of the enzyme ATP Citrate Lyase In the body's glucose degradation cycle Which is an enzyme that changes Citrate To change acetyl CoA Used to create fatty acids. At the same time, it will accumulate sugar as glycogen At the liver To use as a backup power

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Also useful and helps with ventilation at this size. And if it is a concentrated extract of Garcinia Will have much benefit "

Garcinia extract Can inhibit the body's production of fatty acids Leads to the reduction of fat tissue And losing weight At present Therefore being extracted into weight loss products Lose weight in many forms such as Powder Granular Garcinia Tea Garcinia Capsule Currently being used for the purpose of helping to lose weight. Reduce appetite

What precautions should be taken if using Garcinia extract?

In that research No toxicological reports of Garcinia. However Because Garcinia is sour and helps to drain. If eating too much May cause excessive local drainage and HCA In the Garcinia fruit that affects the creation of certain enzymes in the body. Therefore should not be eaten HCA In amounts that are too high Especially Be careful when using with pregnant women and lactating women.


Garcinia affects weight loss. Because the herb itself has a sour taste Helps to drain the stomach. There are also important substances that help to reduce the accumulation of fat and reduce appetite as well. Therefore can be used both as a fresh fruit in case of cooking Including extracts from Garcinia 

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