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What is the Chiang Da Indian strain? (Gymnema Sylvestre)

What is the Chiang Da Indian strain? (Gymnema Sylvestre)

Gymnema sylvestre Is a local plant in India Which, if compared with the medicinal plants of Thailand Many people may know Phak Chiang Da Which is a local vegetable in the north that is often eaten Both plants are the same family. Only Gymnema sylvestre This may be slightly different from Chiang Chiang vegetables. In matters of genetics and morphology But is similar in terms of purpose of use Because these two herbs are the main active ingredients of the same type.

Gymnema Sylvestre How good

With this type of herb Is a local herb of India for a long time Therefore is widely used Especially in the matter of reducing blood sugar levels Later, someone led Gymnema sylvestre As an ingredient in medicine or dietary supplements that help control blood sugar levels

Gymnema Sylvestre How does it affect blood sugar levels?

Gymnema sylvestre Contains important substances obtained from extraction Is Jimic Acid (gymnemic acid) In which this important substance is a compound of saponin (saponin) And is associated with lowering blood sugar levels Because it helps to stop sugar transportation And slow down the absorption of sugar Stimulate the pancreas to secrete more insulin. Therefore resulting in decreased blood sugar levels

Things to be aware of when using Gymnema Sylvestre

Because the important substance in Gymnema Sylvestre Affecting the decrease in blood sugar levels Should be very careful when eating with modern drugs related to diabetes treatment and control blood sugar levels. Because it may cause synergistic drugs Resulting in lower blood sugar levels than normal. And makes him feel tired dizzy Can faint It should also be careful to use with pregnant women. Since there is still no definite experimental results indicating the results of Gymnema Sylvestre Towards pregnant women Should be careful for safety


Gymnema Sylvestre Is a medicinal plant that has been used for a long time And found that there are important substances that can actually reduce blood sugar levels Therefore can eat And should eat the right amount And should also take into consideration medication taken together So as not to cause excessive action and negatively affecting the body

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