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What is melatonin? And how important? (Melatonin)

What is it? (Melatonin)

Melatonin (Melatonin) Is a hormone that can be created in our bodies Which is created in the brain when we sleep Because this hormone is produced by the pineal gland That often works when there is little light or no light at all so This hormone is therefore often affected. If we have sleep disorders such as Do not sleep at night Melatonin will have abnormal secretions.

Said that Melatonin is Important for the body Both controlling sleep Including the effect of antioxidants in the body. Helps normalize the immune system When does melatonin have any abnormalities in working or creating? Will cause effects on the body Such as the main symptoms Insomnia etc.

How supplements with melatonin help

Nowadays Someone uses melatonin to synthesize it. And produced as melatonin supplements To help with quality of sleep That is to say Use this synthetic melatonin to replace the abnormal melatonin. Which melatonin is a dietary supplement Performs no different from melatonin that the body creates in any way. And also has a part in balancing sleep Improving sleep quality Can sleep more deeply And some people have taken supplements that contain melatonin to consume when jet lag occurs. (Jet Lag) Too

Side effects of using melatonin

Melatonin used for consumption Suitable for people with abnormalities in the secretion of melatonin in the body. Or melatonin is unable to work efficiently therefore If there are no symptoms of melatonin that the body can produce There is no need to take melatonin as a dietary supplement. Because the body is able to produce melatonin normally If taking supplements that contain more melatonin May cause the body to be at risk of receiving this hormone of size and lengthy consecutive And can result in side effects such as More tired than usual Sleepy during the day Headache etc.


Melatonin It is considered an important hormone in the body. Should pay special attention If there are any abnormalities in sleep Or sleep poorly Supplements that contain melatonin as an ingredient may be an alternative way to help. Nevertheless Before use Advising to consult a doctor before determining the cause of the symptoms. To assess the cause clearly appropriate And correct Maybe then Sleep disorders that May be caused by behavior that is used to it. therefore If it is necessary to use supplements that contain melatonin Should take care of one's health And adjust your own daily life
To balance the body along with

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