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What is milk thistle extract? (Milk thistle)

What is Milk Thistle extract? (Milk thistle)

Milk thistle Is a plant that is widely distributed in Europe Or most people will call it another name St. Mary's Thistle The scientific name is Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. Which name Milk rhistle this The wordMilk Derived from the characteristics of the white rubber of this plant that is similar to milk As for the word thistle Mean Thorny plant This type of tree is often found as a small flower. Some European people tend to use soft stalks or leaves as an ingredient in salad dishes. But the part that is used to prevent and treat diseases is seeds

Milk Thistle (Milk Thistle) The origin of the name comes from Milk Which means milk Because this plant has white rubber like milk and Thistle Which means Barbed In which this tree is a small flower

Milk thistle What are the benefits?

Milk thistle Is a medicinal plant in Europe used to treat liver disease. And is believed to help protect the liver from various toxins With clinical evidence supporting that Extract Milk thistle Whose main components are Silymarin Can treat hepatitis Where Silymarin Has antioxidant activity And has a protective effect on the liver Which can be extracted Silymarin Can be obtained from both trees But there will be a lot in effect in the seeds and For this reason Therefore popularly used seeds for treatment

Milk Thistle can help.Can protect the liver because of what

Important substance obtained from Milk thistle Called Silymarin Which consists of Silybin Silydianin and Silychristin In which these compounds have various specific effects That helps coordinate to protect the liver from various toxins by Silymarin Has antioxidant activity Effecting to reduce the occurrence of lipid-building reactions And also helps to close the way through which the toxins enter the liver and reduce the absorption of toxins into the liver cells as well. The poison here Including poisoning from poisonous mushrooms And poison from snakes too Medical is therefore popular. Milk thistle Used in patients with hepatitis. liver cirrhosis Fatty liver disease Including to help eliminate and flush toxins from the liver in some patients as well

If using Milk thistle What to be aware of

Toxicological No results from Milk thistle There may be side effects in some cases only. Resulting in gastrointestinal symptoms because Milk thistle Has a mild laxative effect But only a small percentage of these side effects occur


Milk thistle Considered as a medicinal plant that has been accepted as Effective in antioxidant and protecting liver cells from various toxins. And is used in treatment widely Including being used as an ingredient in dietary supplements as well Therefore safe to use

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