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What is olive leaf extract? (Olive Leaf Extract)

What is olive leaf extract?
(Olive Leaf Extract)

Olive leaf (Olive Leaf) Considered as a medicinal herb that has been used to treat symptoms or diseases for a long time. Whether used for eating Or for external use Olive leaves are processed into various forms in order to comply with their properties and purposes. Which, by our Thailand The introduction of olive leaves Or parts of olives to make medicine to relieve various symptoms since ancient times Until today And in the case of processing olive leaves or into ingredients of various drugs or products Therefore necessary to extract important substances In order to obtain concentrated substances And easy to be used in various industries

Important substances in olive leaf extract

Important substances derived from the extract of olive leaves. Is Oleuropein The taste is bitter. But said that this important substance has properties that help in the matter of antioxidants as well. Olive leaf extract is rich in many vitamin C. Including the compound type Polyphenolic (Polyphenolic) Stay with Moreover, there are many minerals. That is beneficial to the body And these important substances will work together To relieve various symptoms that occur in the body

Various benefits of olive leaf extract

Important substance Oleuropein that In addition to having antioxidant effects Also action that affects blood pressure By controlling the blood pressure to be in a balanced state Including helping to increase good cholesterol Reducing bad cholesterol for the body Helps to strengthen immunity And against viruses and bacteria It also has an effect on boosting the immune system to function normally and is more effective as well.

For this reason
Therefore, there are many cases where this extract of olive leaf is processed to be a product or drug for external use in the body. With various antibacterial properties Causing the extracted olive leaf to be used for skin conditions Chronic dermatitis Including skin and fungal diseases caused by bacteria and viruses With this benefit for external use Makes the extracted olive leaf is commonly used

Caution in using olive extract.

If choosing to eat olive leaf extract Whether it is medicine or dietary supplements Or even medication for external use Before using, read the labels and instructions carefully for ease of use. And can determine whether the symptoms that are suitable to use extracted olive leaves or not. For certainty and safety Should consult a doctor pharmacist Or experts before using


Olive leaf Considered as a herb that is popular both in Thailand and abroad. And has benefits in both the use of olive leaves and the use of extracted olive leaves so Should choose to use correctly and suitable for their symptoms. To maximize benefits for use
And reduce the risk of side effects as well

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