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What is Omega-3? What are the benefits? (Omega-3)

Omega Tree

Omega Tree (Omega-3) Is an unsaturated fatty acid Which is an important nutrient and has many benefits to the body Especially in the matter of the cardiovascular system Our bodies should therefore have enough omega-3s. To prevent various nutrient deficiencies that may occur

The best source of unsaturated fatty acids named Omega Tree Is fish oil Which fish oil Is a type of fat extracted from non-liver parts of high-fat marine fish such as Salmon Tuna etc. The Omega Tree that can be found There are two types Is EPA (EPA or Eicosapentaenoic Acid) And DHA (DHA orDocosahexaenoic Acid)

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on body health

Omega Tree Fatty Acid There are benefits to the prevention of heart disease. Helps to reduce the arrhythmia.

Has the effect of anti-clotting and platelet binding Reduce the risk of causing arteries It also helps to lower blood pressure as well.

This Omega Tree Still important to young children Many people have seen advertisements for various products for children that we often hear that This product is high in Omega, suitable for older children. That's because Omega Tree affects the nerve cells and the brain. Helps to develop the nervous system and brain of children Getting enough omega will cause the brain to develop at full capacity. This Can eat Omega Tree since pregnancy Because it will help build the baby's development and health 

In addition DHA supplementation or Omega Tree Fatty Acid Also affects Helps with memory and dementia in the elderly Including helping to reduce depression as well

Caution in using Omega Tree.

Omega-3 supplementation From consumption through sea fish Be careful of heavy metals and toxins in some marine fish. Alternatively, it may be safer. Is to switch to eating Omega 3 in the form of quality fish oil instead


Omega Tree Being talked about widely But many people may not know the origin of Omega 3 and its origins that can be eaten. As mentioned Omega Tree can be obtained from sea fish. Eating sea fish then receives Omega Tree too. Or if not eaten through sea fish, can also be eaten in pill or dietary supplements as well Also not difficult to find as well so Omega Tree Considered a good and safe choice. Because it is the fatty acid that the body needs And help repair the wear and tear Including many more benefits If you choose to use and eat Omega Tree Should take good care of your physical health along with
For a healthy body

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