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What is a candle (Psyllium Husk)

What is it? (Psyllium Husk)

Psyllium Husk It may be a name that many people are not very familiar with. But if you say Actually Psyllium Husk This is Candle Which is one kind of herb in our country Which is regarded as an herb that is quite important in the Thai herbal medicine formula Most of which We often use the seeds of the candle tree to use it.

Candle tree Is a herbaceous plant species. Can be found generally The nature is small. Which as mentioned above that Part of the candle used to be the seed itself. The candle will be oval shaped. Convex inside, convex outside Oily skin If exposed to moisture The seed shell will swell into a clear jelly. If comparing images clearly The appearance is similar to the hairy basil seeds.

What can help with Candle Trak?

In the form of Thai medicine Tien Kluek has properties in the maintenance of blood. Nourish And can also cure dizziness faint Yes And today The candle is processed into many different forms. As well as an ingredient in dietary supplements that help lose weight Or even use the candle itself as a cereal and help in dieting as well

Candle How to help lose weight?

Due to the candle When exposed to moisture The shell will swell up into jelly in a manner similar to the basil seed. Therefore popular to dip the candle in water to swell The working principle of jelly seeds is not different from the basil seeds. Because when eating candlelk seeds which are fully puffed up before jelly eating Will make you feel full The appetite will also decrease accordingly. Therefore affecting weight control

Candle and excretion

Aside from the agar that puffed around the seeds, candles can help fill the stomach and reduce appetite. This jelly also helps to improve our digestive system as well. Because these jelly will have effect Causing the stools to become softened For people with constipation Difficult to shoot If eating the candle, which has already fully inflated Excretion will be more fluid and easier. Can also reduce the risk of hemorrhoids from bleeding.

Other benefits of candle

Because the candle has fiber properties (Fiber) Once eaten The fiber in the candle will help trap the accumulated intestinal waste. To take away from the body through the digestive system Some people say that This candle is also helpful in detox.

Caution in the use of candle

Because the candle is quite prominent in weight control Catharsis And work mainly in the intestines Should be careful when using with people with intestinal disorders such as Intestinal stenosis Intestinal obstruction etc. And if going to take candles in the water and eat Should wait for the shell of the candle seed to swell fully before eating. Because if not fully inflated The shell of the candle can cause swelling in the intestine. And may result in intestinal obstruction


Candle or Psyllium Husk Considered a kind of herb that is quite useful, with a relatively high safety and side effects are not found. Can be used for people who want to control weight and help excretion. Nevertheless Weight control must be combined with exercise as well. Although eating seeds of candles in the form of help Should exercise regularly For a more healthy body

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