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What is quercetin? What can help? (Quercetin)

What is it? (Quercetin)

Kvocystine (Quercetin) Is the name of a substance that is classified as a group of substances such as flavonoid (Flavonoids) That can be found in many plants such as Onion Ginkgo Green tea etc. Which today can find the word Kvocystine This is according to the dietary supplement products in general stores. May have both as a dietary supplement that contains all the components of quercetin. And some dietary supplements that contain quercetin combined with other extracts

What can Quocceine do?

Kewit Citin Effective against free radicals. It also helps to prevent inflammation. And strengthen the immune system In some cases Kavocitine is used to reduce the risk of stroke in some patients. Prevent thrombosis And anti-inflammatory in the blood vessels It also results in a reduced risk of coronary artery stenosis as well. Because quercetin is a substance that has high antioxidant activity. At present Therefore, the substance is widely used as a drug to prevent coronary and cardiovascular diseases Including used to prevent inflammation And various allergies as well

The current use of quercetin

Now There are many research studies about quercetin. But not yet covering all symptoms And still not a very large research such as Reducing the risk of death from heart disease in the elderly Lowering cholesterol levels Including the fight against various cancer cells Which is being used in many diseases more formally Therefore may have to wait for more research on these symptoms Nevertheless For the general key benefits of quercetin Is The action is an antioxidant. Is quite acceptable And is used mostly in this regard As for the disease mentioned above In the future, more research may be supported.

Caution should be taken with quoccystine.

Now Kavocitin is considered to be a moderate level of safety for most people. When eating in a short time And not too much in quantity In some cases Can cause headache and numbness in the hands, feet And if consumed in excessive amounts It will result in bad effects on the kidneys as well. And due to the lack of side effects for pregnant women and lactating women, there is not enough support. Therefore should be careful when using quocasine with these groups as well


Kavocitine is another option that can be taken for consumption in terms of antioxidants and reducing inflammation. It also helps with the circulatory system. Namely the blood vessels and the heart as well But with research that may not be enough Before choosing to use quoccystine Should consult a doctor expert And pharmacist first
For safety and reduce the risk of causing side effects to themselves.

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