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What is raspberry ketones? (Raspberry Ketone)

KetonesWhat is it? (Raspberry Ketone)

Raspberry (Raspberry) Probably the fruit that many people are familiar with Especially women That often brings this kind of fruit into various menus such as Vegetable salad Fruit salad etc. But in this raspberry There are natural compounds. Which we call Raspberry ketones (Raspberry Ketone) When mentioning raspberries The thing that comes to mind first is Antioxidant activity Which this raspberry ketone Is a compound formed from raspberries Therefore not strange to act as an antioxidant as well

Raspberry conduction Ketones used

Nowadays Most often, raspberry ketones are used as ingredients in various dietary supplements related to weight loss or weight control. For that reason This raspberry ketone has antioxidant properties. And is a compound derived from fruit Therefore having relatively high security

Raspberry Ketones and weight loss

From the research, it was found that Raspberry ketones, which are compounds in raspberries Has a structure of compounds similar to capsaicin (Capsaicin) In pepper Most of them are already known to help in the fat burning system. Which, after having conducted additional research on experimental animals Found that Raspberry ketones Can actually increase the rate of fat burning Including increasing the metabolic rate of the body and resulting in weight loss as well More than that Raspberry ketones Also results in increasing the efficiency of adipocene (Adiponectin) Which is a metabolic hormone Makes hormones work more efficiently and reduce appetite as well

Cautions when using raspberry ketones

Nowadays There is still little research to support the side effects of raspberry ketones. For safety Therefore should be eaten in moderation And should not be eaten for too long It should also be especially careful or should be avoided for use in pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.


Raspberry ketones Considered a relatively safe compound for weight control Nevertheless For more efficiency Should exercise along with the consumption of supplements containing raspberry ketones as well In order to balance the body so that it does not have to rely on too many supplements And for a stronger health too

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