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What is senna leaf? (Senna Leaf)

What is Senna

Senna leaf (Senna leaf) From senna Which has the scientific name Cassia angustifolia Which resembles a small shrub With many large assemblies Shaped like a feather Pointed tip And has a smooth leaf edge With Senna leaves which are important substances of the Anthra Quinoa group Glycosides (Anthraquinone glycosides) Named Sennoise A And B.(Sennoside A and B) In high amounts The said passenger has medicinal properties of laxative. Can help relieve constipation Or used to detox the digestive system as well

Benefits of senna leaves

Senna leaves are known. And is popularly used in relieving constipation. Or diseases with constipation Such as hemorrhoids Or irritable bowel syndrome with chronic constipation

Why senna leaves can help excretion

Senna leaves have the effect of helping to excrete well. Because there is a substance named Sennoids A and B.(Sennoside A and B) high Such passengers will stimulate the intestines to contract. And movement to stimulate the digestive system well In addition, the important substances help reduce water absorption in the large intestine. Makes the mass of the stool soft Excretion more easily(1)

Safety Side effects And caution

Senna leaves are safe in adults. Or children aged from 10 More years But because Senna leaves have a stimulant effect on the intestines Therefore causing stomach upset And be careful to use in people who have pain in the stomach. People with gastrointestinal obstruction and lower enteritis Or those who have menstrual pain To pregnant women And because of the important substance of the Anthra Quinoa group Glycosides (Sennoise A and B.)As mentioned Can pass through with milk Therefore must be careful when using in lactating women(2)

In addition If using senna leaves continuously for too long Will cause the user's intestines to become accustomed to medication Causing the user to return to constipation as before And may also cause users to lose potassium Causing exhaustion Weight loss Or with low blood pressure in the elderly as well

Senna leaves are herbs that are safe. And can help effectively relieve constipation But if the user has various medical conditions Including various precautions Like younger 10 year  Is pregnant Or is breast-feeding To those with obstruction in the digestive tract And lower bowel disease Should be careful when using senna leaves Or used under the supervision of a doctor Users should use senna leaves for short periods as necessary. To reduce intestinal side effects, accustom to medication Or exhaustion due to low potassium levels And should use senna leaf together with exercise While eating symptoms of vegetable and fruit groups that contain fiber For a healthy digestive system


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