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What is spirulina? (Spirulina)

What is spirulina?

Spirulina (Spirulina) or Spirulina Classified as blue-green algae. General characteristics are multi-celled algae. With short lines Twisting back and forth in a spiral Grows well in brackish water Spirulina has a soft cell wall. Thin Therefore easier to absorb and digest than other blue-green algae Which has cellulose walls that make it harder to digest And has also been recognized as having good nutritional value Is a healthy food source Helps to increase immunity and restore the body's working system, promoting better health.

Information on Spirulina that may not have been known

Spirulina is composed of many important active ingredients. such as Phycocyanin (Phycocyanin) Carotene (Carotenoids) Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) Sterols from plants (Plant Sterols) And dietary fiber When many people already know that Spirulina has these important substances. Therefore there are many more studies To find various benefits of spirulina Before the introduction of spirulina to be processed in various ways such as Water extraction Or even powder That is commonly seen in various dietary supplements

The benefits of spirulina

Spirulina has many and many benefits. Can cover many conditions Some people take dietary supplements made from spirulina powder to control obesity. Which eating this spirulina Is a substitute for fatigue from fasting Spirulina is low in fat and calories. Therefore resulting in weight loss And can also control the appetite as well

In addition Eating spirulina Also helps to control the level of blood sugar levels to be reduced as well It also helps against viruses. Nourish the weak and the elderly Relieve allergies Including increasing hemoglobin levels that will help improve anemia as well

Caution in eating spirulina

People who are pregnant or those who are breast-feeding Should not eat spirulina Since there is not enough evidence to support side effects Including Patients with autoimmune diseases such as disease SLE Rheumatoid arthritis etc. Because eating spirulina may stimulate the immune system to function more And those who are eating immunosuppressants too


From the above Found that Spirulina has many benefits. And is popular in bringing as a dietary supplement product Makes us able to find it everywhere With many benefits Therefore, this spirulina should be used for the most benefit to oneself. That is Choosing to be suitable for sex Aged age And various symptoms Although side effects are still rare. But when using various alternative products We should always be aware.
In order to use correctly and appropriately

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