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What is turmeric, both powder and extract? (Turmeric Organic)

What is turmeric powder and turmeric extract?
(Turmeric Organic Powder / Extract)

Turmeric (Turmeric) Considered as a well-known Thai herb. And is a popular type Since the old times, the ancient people used turmeric to make decoction. Or sometimes rain using turmeric powder or turmeric material to treat various conditions And turmeric can also be used for cooking as well. Therefore easy to eat And the result has arrived today Turmeric is still popular for Thai people. There are many different forms of processing for the convenience of using turmeric.

The popular part of turmeric is rhizome. Which, when extracting various substances from turmeric The rhizome will be extracted. Because the rhizome is quite important, especially

Turmeric powder with Turmeric extract

As already mentioned above Nowadays, many people use turmeric to process many things. Both the easy way is to boil turmeric. To the method of extracting substances from the rhizome of turmeric to be used in the treatment of various diseases Or as an ingredient in various drug formulations Including taking turmeric to make powder and contain capsules In truth The different types of turmeric used are different. And the use of turmeric powder It is different from the extract used.

In the case of ordinary turmeric powder The head of the turmeric rhizome is processed directly. Usually applied to the outside of the body Or some people mold them into bolus Eat to alleviate flatulence. Indigestion or colic

Most of the time We will be able to see it online. The turmeric capsules contain turmeric powder. Which is a form of turmeric extract which has been processed Will be a concentrated extract of active ingredients

The important substance in turmeric is Curcuminoids (Curcuminoids) Which consists of Curcumin (Curcumin) Demoxy Curcumin (Desmethoxycurcumin) and Biscuits Metoxic Curcumin (Bisdesmethoxycurcumin) With curcumin Is the most abundant compound in the group of curcuminoids.

Which this curcumin That is an active ingredient in anti-inflammatory. Resulting in drugs or products obtained from Turmeric extracts with a higher concentration of active ingredients than ordinary rhizome curcumin powder Mostly it is used to treat joint pain. Anti-inflammatory And reduce cholesterol more But if only having flatulence Indigestion, can choose to use only turmeric rhizome is enough

Choosing turmeric powder

As for turmeric powder Can be used both inside and outside the body For eating The distinctive properties of turmeric are Relieve flatulence Indigestion Reduce the symptoms of gastric disease and treat stomach ulcers as well. If for external use Turmeric can be mixed with water and applied to the skin to nourish the skin. And can also treat certain skin diseases

Caution in the use of turmeric powder.

Turmeric is an herb that is highly safe. Does not cause many side effects Possible side effects such as Stomach ache squeamish dizziness Diarrhea so If choosing turmeric to relieve various symptoms Should also consult a doctor for safety


Turmeric Considered as a useful herb and has many outstanding properties. And still have few side effects so Turmeric is considered a medicinal plant that is another option that people with gastrointestinal symptoms can choose to use. Nevertheless Behavior adjustment along with Will increase the effectiveness of turmeric And the symptom is even faster

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