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What is the Valerian Root? (Valerian Root)

What is the Valerian Root?
(Valerian root)

Valerian (Valerian) Originating in Europe And some Asian countries But may be a herb that is not found often in Thailand European people in the olden days Initiated the use of Valerian roots as an herbal remedy for difficult sleep disorders Can't sleep And anxiety Which at present Valerian has been accepted to be registered as a medicinal plant to help sleep.

What can the Root of Valerian help?

From the above In addition to the Valerian roots, it helps to sleep better. Valerian's root contains many important substances that help to reduce anxiety. And contains valerinic acid compounds (Valerenic Acid) That is involved in helping to stimulate the production of GABA in the brain (GABA) And the Valerian root also helps to inhibit GABA damage in the brain Resulting in feeling calm relax Reduce anxiety

How can the Valerian roots improve sleep?

In the Valerian roots There is another important substance called Linarin (Linarin) Which is a neurotransmitter, but not serious. It is a mild neurotransmitter. Therefore helps to feel calm relax Makes it possible to sleep better

Valerian Root Helps to improve the quality of sleep for people who are difficult to sleep. Or not getting enough sleep Does not cause drowsiness after waking up Resulting in increasing the quality of daily life and working efficiently At present Therefore, Valerian root is popular as a component in medicine or food supplement products that help with insomnia or difficult sleep. Due to reliability in performance

Precautions for using Valerian roots

Important substance Linarin (Linarin) Which, although acting weakly But should not be taken with medication for depression Because it will strengthen each other Cause drowsiness Or abnormal sleepiness Including avoiding the use of Valerian roots if drinking alcohol And should not eat Valerian roots continuously for too long If the sleep has improved Should gradually reduce the dose and stop taking the drug To balance the body


From the research found that Valerian root can help with the quality of sleep. Causing people to not sleep or sleep difficult Can sleep better and more full Including relaxing and helping to reduce anxiety. Therefore, it is safe to choose Valerian root or dietary supplement products that contain Valerian root. And for good effectiveness in consumption Should eat the right amount

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