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express! Hurry to check food residue in the intestines

In order for the body to function normally We need 5 essential nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, which are normally obtained from the consumption of food and beverages. Unfortunately Not just the nutrients that can enter our body We also receive a large amount of unnecessary substances that can be dangerous. From processed foods to cosmetics Most of them contain chemicals, preservatives, coloring agents and many other substances that cause abnormalities in the body.

Toxins are everywhere around us, whether in the air we breathe. The water we drink Or the food we eat Toxins in our daily lives are accumulating in our bodies and if we have reached enough points We may be seriously ill. The toxins can adversely affect the whole body. Especially the effects that are toxic to the brain, including poor memory and concentration Abnormal behavior Causing emotional confusion, headache, dizziness  


Symptoms that indicate that our body has too much toxins.

  • Constipation

When we eat We will accidentally receive chemicals such as preservatives, colorants and flavorings. Our digestive gut is exposed to these toxins everyday. This accumulation of toxins can lead to various symptoms in the digestive system. Causing constipation or stomach ache Organic eating Reduce or stop drinking alcohol And drinking plenty of water will help to solve this problem.



  • Brain fatigue
If you feel dizzy, dizzy and unable to focus on anything, even in the morning after full sleep Means that the toxin may be sending a signal to you Because the toxins that accumulate in the body will react with the vitamins and minerals needed in the body to work Causing the body to not be able to fully utilize
  • Strong body odor
To the extent that deodorant products can't help If you shower in the morning Rolled on But still had a pungent odor Shows that toxins may be attacking you Toxins in the body when digested will produce unwanted gases and odors and then expel through the pores with unwanted odors.
  • Pain in joints and muscles
If you don't exercise or work that requires a lot of energy But having pain in muscles and joints It is assumed that the toxin may be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances. Because aches are an indicator that your body is currently inflamed. Therefore, if you do not use the body hard It is possible that your body is now accumulating too many toxins.
  • Skin disease
The skin has a very large area in our body and is often exposed to pollution before any daily organs such as shampoos, hair conditioners, soaps and lotions, which may contain harmful chemicals. Exposure to a large number of toxic chemicals can lead to skin disorders such as acne, rash, redness, or eczema.
  • Sleep more difficult
The accumulated toxins can cause us to not sleep well or not to sleep at all. Because of the large amount of toxins in the body, it causes the level of Cortisol hormones that control sleep disorders. Which insomnia may lead to serious health problems in the future Therefore, if anyone starts to sleep more difficult Try to detox
  • Weight gain
If you exercise every day But the weight still increases Meaning something may be wrong with your hormones Toxins can affect certain hormonal levels in the body. Including hormones related to the metabolic system

If anyone finds themselves having even one of the above mentioned physical problems May have to pay more attention to the body. Beginning with the removal of toxic residues from the body. Get started today too. Intestinal detox Because our bodies do not have filters, they can accumulate every day, especially in the intestine, which is an important part of absorption of nutrients. When our intestines have toxic residues It means Throughout the body, the toxin is absorbed by the absorption of nutrients from the intestines. Therefore, colon cleansing is very necessary. Which can be done in many ways, including

 This method of intestinal irrigation is recommended.To go to the hospital for safety. Because if done by yourself, it may cause infection

EatingWhich helps the digestive system to excrete waste better and easier, such as drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning, eating a lot of fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, reducing meat intake And drinking plenty of water


Taking supplements or detox drinks helps to detoxify. There are many beverages or supplements for detoxifying the intestines in the market. May make difficult decisions Because choosing a detoxification supplement does not just have the ability to help excretion in just a moment But must give good results in the long run Be safe Do not add toxins to the body without knowing it. It is a natural extract that is most gentle to the intestines, such as berries, pineapples, apples, non-toxic vegetables, etc. In addition, it must be selected from the source of reliable dietary supplements in all aspects. Both distributors, importers, manufacturers to ensure that the supplements we eat will help clear the intestines without really adding more toxic. 

Toxins accumulate in the body is not a small matter. If the body has already sent an abnormality Should not be silent Especially constipation that should be resolved quickly Should not claim that there is no time to take care of yourself Because nowadays there are many facilities that make taking care of yourself a breeze. For example, if wanting to receive a supplementary food, it can be delivered straight to home. Even fresh food can be ordered Because he should observe himself And start taking care of yourself from today Before the digestive system will break down and cause serious diseases       
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