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Swanson Lutein & Bilberry 120 Softgels
Swanson Lutein & Bilberry 120 Softgels
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Swanson Lutein & Bilberry 120 Softgels

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Natural supplements Antioxidant benefits Helps prevent damaged cells Helps promote the health of the eyes to stay healthy for a long time. Which contains Bilberry Extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) (fruit) (standardized to minimum 25% anthocyanins) and Lutein (from marigold flower extract). Lutein and Zeaxanthin are compounds in the carotene group. Curd And bilberry extract It has a synergistic effect, because in Bilberry extract contains anthocyanosides by promoting good antioxidant activity. Helps reduce cell degeneration

Combining the best antioxidants for 2 types of eyes, bilberry + lutein in one.

Quantity: 60 tablets / bottle
Type: Capsule
Key components:  Concentrated Bilberry Extract 20 mg (25% anthocyanins), Lutein 6 mg
Eating:  1 tablet daily with food

Bilberry for eye health
1. Helps to nourish the eyes Improving visibility in the dark
2. Helps to treat night blindness.
3. Helps to reduce eye fatigue When using eyes for a long time
4. Helps to protect the lens of the eye and helps to strengthen collagen in the cornea and capillaries.
5. Helps reduce free radicals in the retina. Can prevent the degenerative symptoms that are most likely to occur to the eyes, such as cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium, pterygium in the elderly (presbyopia)
What is Lutein 
Lutein is a natural extract. Classified as a substance in the family of carotenoids, a substance found in the eye. Lutein is applied to the surface of the retina (Retina) at the macula, the most important position on the retina. Because it is the point where the image and light Most will come to fall in this area. Which is the part that the retina receives the most clear images

The duty of Lutein
1. Lutein helps to look at the image clearly. And see the details of the image better
2. Lutein has many clear reports of research findings. Can actually reduce the incidence of cataracts in the elderly
3. Lutein reduces the risk of age-related mascular degeneration (AMD).
4. Lutein reduces the incidence of breast cancer in women at risk groups.
5. Lutein reduces the mechanism of plague formation in veins Causing to reduce the rate of ischemic heart disease And ischemic stroke

Benefits of Lutein
1. Helps to strengthen eyes. Prevent optic nerve degeneration
2. Strengthening the artery walls And capillary
3. It is a substance that helps to strengthen healthy body
4. Enhances vision by helping to prevent the deterioration of Mascular at the small spot in the center of the eye (Retina), which is an important part of the main pigment (color) in the eye's light scene, preventing Sunlight destroys the retina
5. Prevention of image degeneration Or AMD (Age - Related Mascular Degeneration)
6. Helps to prevent and reduce the symptoms of cataracts (Cataracts).
7. Helps to prevent heart disease. High blood pressure
8. Helps to neutralize free radicals that damage eye cells. Make cells strong Helps to slow the degeneration of the eye.
9. Helps to maintain blood circulation. And the capillaries that feed the eye
10. Increase the ability to see well in the dark. 
11. Helps to cure bad eyesight and ophthalmic diseases. Use in combination with Bilberry to increase the effectiveness of treatment.
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